Nancy Pelosi


NANCY PELOSI. This relic of the ancient swamp is in the death throes of TDS, an affliction for which there is no known cure; it can't be drowned in alcohol, nor numbed away with Quaaludes. The Congresswoman from downtown San Francisco wisely spends as much time away from her homelessness-riddled, feces-speckled, hypodermic-addled district as possible. Fortunately she has a flair for the dramatic, which she sanctimoniously displays during State of the Union speeches. (A visual the vapors-exuding old biddy will never live down.) Talk about a woman with her panties in a wad, Nance should try going commando sometime. Or. . .not.

"I was raised in a Catholic house. We don't hate anyone, not anybody in the world."

 Past, Present, Ongoing, Upcoming:
Congresswoman, San Francisco
Speaker of  the House

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