Maxine Waters


MAXINE WATERS. Whoo-boy, what to say about Mad Max. Another day, another wacky worldview from this TDS-afflicted, obsession-driven SoCal fruitcake. Against all odds, this lunatic has spent half her adult life in Congress, where she has done little more than pad her pockets and those within her circle of preferred associates -- at the expense of a constituency that needs help the most yet unwisely re-elects her. It's always a hoot when lifelong politicians who have accomplished nothing pass themselves off as the best hope for the future. Well here's hoping that her voters finally get wise to the game she plays.

"If you see anybody from Trump's cabinet, get out and create a crowd, push back and tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

 Past, Present, Ongoing, Upcoming:
Congresswoman, southeast L.A.

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