Meryl Streep


MERYL STREEP. The good news, is that there are those in Tinseltown with enough class to keep their criticisms quiet. The bad news, is that 'Murica Meryl isn't among them. One night a year this queen of groupthink climbs down from her perch, and leaves her gated castle to attend the Academy Awards, where she's allowed onstage to vent her accumulated frustrations of the last twelve months. The question is, why is she so upset? Is it because Donald Trump once called her overrated and over-the-hill? Is it because the plum roles she was once offered aren't offered anymore? Is it because Father Time waits for no one? Yes, yes, and yes.

"I have lost my mind, sometime earlier this year."

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Let Them All Talk
Little Women
Big Little Lies (TV)
Mary Poppins Returns

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