Mandy Moore


MANDY MOORE. Comes another tepid voice from yesteryear, what was she again, singer, movies, can't quite remember, can you? What we do know is that she was a Hillary fight-song-singer, and is a regular woman's marcher. Gotta' figure she has tattoos, right? Meaning if you don't respect others, it's probably because you don't respect yourself either. Here's the deal, Candy-Mandy, drop the theatrics and enjoy the rest of your life. What are you thinking? Cut off the limb of the branch you're sitting on? Why would you do that?

"I think all of us don't really have a choice to sit back. We can't not be political any more."

 Past, Present, Ongoing, Upcoming:
This Is Us (TV)
Guest musical performances
Silver Landings (Album)

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