Lebron James


LEBRON JAMES. One of the classic athlete-shaming slams of the modern era was Leftist Lebron being admonished to 'shuttup and dribble'. Agreed 100%. Fans don't buy tickets to listen to uneducated dummies preach wokedom. They buy tickets to watch players play, shooters shoot, and dribblers dribble. Go park your illogical, inarticulate, english-garbling commentary in China where it belongs, James. When in America, do as the Americans do, James. Shuttup and elbow your way to the hoop, James. Shuttup and pick-and-roll, James. Or do everyone a solid, and shuttup altogether.

"You bum. Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up."

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L.A. Lakers team member
Space Jam 2
The Wall

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