John Legend


JOHN LEGEND. Singer John Roger Stephens and his ridiculous wife know what it's like to rent their heads out to Trumpism at a bargain rate. Better believe their dinner conversation, such as it is, revolves around the establishment-busting President. Ditto breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. If Christians are taught to love thy enemy, the guy didn't get the text. He loves seeing his name in print, and he sees it plenty from the MSM who even print his tweets with the President. John sez: "Trump is sad, and petty, and immature." Trump sez: "John Legend is boring, and his wife has a filthy mouth." Is it conceivable they're shooting the pilot for The Real Husbands of Beverly Hills and The Swamp? The Donald will need something to do after he's finished making America great again.

"President Pussy-Ass-Bitch is vile and absolutely should not trend. He's a cancer and needs to be removed from office as soon as possible."

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Husband to Chrissy Teigen

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