George Lopez


GEORGE LOPEZ. This doofus is annoyingly smug. It would be one thing if he had the bones and resumé to back it up, but he has neither. He made his name in the early 2000s as network television's token Hispanic, an all-too-obvious concession to the rising tides of multiculturalism and political correctness. He has one joke list, entirely related to his Mexican culture. It's cute the first time you hear it, but five minutes later it's old hat. The notion that George Loopy considers himself qualified to accuse, criticize, and abuse President Trump, is comedic aplenty. We'll take a powder on the rest. Nobody cares.

"$80 million to assassinate Trump? We'll do it for half."

 Past, Present, Ongoing, Upcoming:
Occasional stand-up
Lopez (TV)
Saint George (TV)
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