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Schadenfreude is Funny, Meltdowns are even Funnier.

Straight from the horse's mouth...

     It has at-once been amusing and satisfying watching Hollywood's royalty turning into pumpkins since the clock struck midnight on election evening 2016. Those who ranted and raved the most showed themselves as the ridiculous, groupthink-simpletons they were.

     A few in Tinseltown have calmed down, and found their senses of humor again. But plenty haven't. And for them, well, welcome to They who merit a good razzing, will get it.

     From A-listers to also-rans, if someone earned a mention here, then their comeuppance is well-deserved. Most get away scot-free with their insolence or disrespect. That's where's acerbic jabs come in, calling out the intolerable misdeeds and forked tongues of celebrities we once admired, but admire no longer. Peer into the social abyss, and the social abyss may peer into you.

     THE IDIOTS section is an exercise joining piercing satire with snarky-mean, or worse. Some won't get the joke. Let them keep trying till they do. The VOICES section spotlights the wackiest and most despicable current threads, both in LaLaLand and anywhere else these cocksure, insufferable fools gather.

     Poking fun at the haters won't impound their mansions, nor their money, nor their award-trophies. But it might encourage some of them to cool their jets. Whether they realize it or not, Hollywood's survival, and maybe the country's, depends on it. Work with, not against. Any questions?

     Here's one: why would anyone choose to wake up every day mad-as-a-hatter? For what reason?? Lighten up Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, & vicinities.  Just, lighten up.


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